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Small Axe

Small Axe is a not-for-profit campaigning organisation based in London. We have one goal: to create movements that are progressive, hopeful and powerful, to inspire people to act on the most pressing issues of our time. 

We bring together bold creative, communications and organising to run integrated end-to-end campaigns.

We've won billions for schools, raised millions for progressive candidates and causes and mobilised tens of thousands of people to make their voices heard.

Right now we’re working on impactful campaigns with the National Education Union; the International Rescue Committee; on voter registration and more. 

We are a small, passionate and collaborative team of campaigners, designers and operations folk.

What we do

We’re proud that our work has played a crucial role in three General Elections. For Green Party MP Caroline Lucas, winning her 2015 re-election campaign. 

At the 2017 General Election, we ran the two most effective third-party campaigns against School Cuts and for a Progressive Alliance. 

In 2019, across three campaigns for the labour movement, pushing education funding to the third top issue behind Brexit and the NHS, and making sure no-one was denied their right to vote with

If you are the big tree, Let me tell you that: we are the small axe, Sharpened ready ready to cut you down, (well sharp) 

Bob Marley

Who we are

We’re a small and passionate team of campaigners, designers and operations folk. We function in an agency style, working collaboratively and creatively alongside a broad range of clients and partners.

We’ve all come to Small Axe through different routes, applied and adapted ourselves and our skills to the job. Inspired by people like Saul Alinsky, Ella Baker and Marshall Ganz, obsessed with grassroots campaigners moving mountains and progressive candidates overturning the odds around the world.

We work hard, and sometimes late — with a sincere belief that a small group of thoughtful and committed people can change the world.

What people say
about us

"The Small Axe team are my go-to partners, allies and co-conspirators. They're united by a fierce belief in what they do and know exactly why they do it. They bring energy and intellect to everything, whether planning an action, crafting an email or helping you work out what next. Most of all, they're a brilliant bunch of individuals, who have a strong culture of camaraderie with each other and the people they're partnering with. 

It's rare to find people who you want to plan campaigns as much as drink beers with. I particularly appreciate that, despite their high standards, they're never rigid - they're always trying to see things from many different angles. I can guarantee that working at Small Axe will never be boring - and will stretch and challenge you in ways you won't expect." 

Frances, Deputy Director of Compass

"Without Small Axe, our non-profit organisation wouldn't be what it is. Their wide-ranging expertise in branding, strategy and communication allowed us to launch EveryDoctor (a non-profit to campaign to improve things for doctors and the NHS) in early 2019. As a team they work seamlessly, bringing together elements which make campaigns come alive. Small Axe represents the future of political campaigning in the UK. I cannot recommend them highly enough."

Dr. Julia Patterson, Founder and Chief Executive of EveryDoctor