Who are you

Your work. Your values. 

You’re curious, humble, reflective — with a laser focus on building power, fighting oppression and running campaigns that have impact. 

You’ve got experience in at least two of our three disciplines: creative, digital and organising — and you excel at never dropping the ball, even when there’s ten of them. 

You’ll go the extra mile. You’re generous with your time and ideas. You’re just as prepared to make the tea as you are to speak to a room full of people, knock on doors, or spend all day at a screen optimising an HTML template. Whatever it takes.

You can go from dreaming and planning big to a conversation about the detail that’ll make those ambitions a reality. 

You’re willing to challenge and be challenged, because you know we’ve all got a lot of learning, growing and changing to do if we are to dismantle the structures that hold us all back.

You can communicate effectively and openly with people of different backgrounds and from across the political spectrum.

You might have demonstrated your passion for politics by leading a grassroots campaign, working on electoral campaigns, or organising your workplace or community.

We’re looking for candidates who build their practice and passion through every experience. 

UK context and representation

In campaigning in the UK representation is poor. For a movement that claims to fight for justice and power for everyone this isn’t good enough. 

Representation is more than just a moral obligation. Without it our campaigns are weaker and we can't create our vision of the world; one where everyone has a seat at the table. 

As an organisation, many of our personal journeys have included overcoming obstacles or facing discrimination. The obstacles don’t disappear but we face them together.

We pursue applications from people in under-represented groups and welcome people to apply who can demonstrate their skills and aptitude even if a traditional career in politics or campaigning has so far been closed off to them.