How we hire

The process

Small Axe is a pretty unique place to work and learn. We appreciate that joining us could mean a big transition for you, whether that's geographically or career-wise. You'll be joining a team that works closely together. So our process is designed to help us and you make sure that we're the right fit for each other. 

We know interviews are imperfect, that’s why we give you every opportunity to show what you can do, not only how well you present yourself. 

That means we’re able to take a chance on a wider pool of candidates initially, narrowing down as we move through the stages. This an an important part of our approach to improving representation, and it gives you the chance to get a clear understanding of the role and team.

The process will take about 6-7 weeks and will include the following stages.

If you have any questions about the process or available roles, email

1. Informal phone interview

A 30 minute one-to-one call to get a quick understanding of whether we might be a good fit. Come with good questions for us too, we’ll always make space for you to ask them. 

2. Remote task and interview

A short campaign task followed by an interview looking into your skills and experience, what you want from the role and a chance for you to ask us questions.

3. Remote or in-person paid trial days

One or two days collaborating with the team on current projects and real-life challenges. This is a chance for you to get a better sense of how we work and what would be expected of you in your role. You’ll have conversations with various team members during your time to learn more about Small Axe and what it means to be a campaigner here in the UK.

4. Remote second interview and reflections

A final chance for us to ask each other questions and reflect together on your progress through the recruitment stages.

Our tips

We are looking for an attention grabbing Cover Letter and a clear CV. There are also some questions to answer before you submit your application which we'd encourage you to take your time over. 

Here are some tips on writing a great cover letter: